Yes, Lovely, she is as fun as she looks! Welcome Ashley Cating to Body Truth. She’s an avid outdoors-woman, wife to Ben, momma to three beautiful girls, and my dear friend. I hope you enjoy her story.

If I’m honest, my relationship with my body seems to always be a work in progress. Thankfully, it’s all about progress and not perfection!

When I am consistently in God’s Word and believing the truth that he beautifully lays out, then I can view my body, my gifts and talents, my time, and my relationships as approved and formed by Him. I can be fully loved, seen, known, and accepted.

When I view myself and my circumstances through a different lens apart from Him, how quickly I can lean into the lies. Where my body is concerned, it’s helpful for me to remind myself that everything created by God is GOOD (1 Tim 4:4) and that pursuing Godliness, rather than wishing my body looked a certain way, is where true hope, satisfaction, and contentment are found.

For me, physical exercise is something I enjoy – it makes me feel stronger and healthier and helps me to sleep better at night. Most importantly, it combats the LIE that I am lazy. However, I know that while physical exercise feels good, training my head and heart towards godliness are far more rewarding and beneficial for the present and future.

I also have three daughters who are watching and learning and seeing where I place my time and importance. My hope and prayer for them is that they would adopt a healthy lifestyle but more importantly, that they would fully receive and welcome their inheritance as daughters of the great King!! That they would “Turn their eyes upon Jesus and look full in his wonderful face…and the things of earth would grow strangely dim in light of His glory and grace.”

That they would live from a place of already being approved and already significant, and pursue the Lord while passionately doing the things He calls them to do.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a work in progress…a piece of clay continually being molded by my Heavenly Father. How easily I can be my harshest critic and heap shame and guilt on myself. I thank God that He placed three sets of female eyes and ears in my home to remind me to reign in my thoughts and my speech.

Do I speak to myself the way I’d want them speaking to themselves?

The accountability is humbling and is a gift. I’m grateful for the Lord leading me and the women walking beside me.