Hello, Lovely! Meet Ginny Hudnut, professional color and style consultant for House of Colour.

As a color and style consultant@houseofcolourdallas, Ginny Hudnut knows a thing or two about how clothes impact the way we see ourselves.What she shares about color analysis might surprise you, in all the best ways!

“In short, color analysis is an appointment where you learn which palette of colors flatter you most. There are many benefits to this, but one of my favorites is that it give your freedom!

Color analysis empowers you to be confidant in wearing the colors that look amazing on you and be free to pass up colors that aren’t doing you any favors. I like to think of wearing your colors as meeting your potential. When you nail your best hues, you look and feel healthy, alert, and beautiful!

Wearing the wrong colors can make you look tired, sick and dull. And, well, those colors were meant for someone else.

I love knowing that I don’t need an army green jacket because it’s not going to flatter me while it looks amazing on so many others. Knowing your colors helps you to be comfortable in the skin that God gave you and embrace your unique, natural beauty.”

If you have questions for Ginny, she’d LOVE to answer them!!! PM her about her services and see what she offers @houseofcolourdallas. Maybe you’re even thinking an appointment with her could be the Christmas that keeps on giving!

 I’ve had fun style adventuring with you this week, & I hope you feel more equipped to shop well as you approach this season of giving.