Our featured guest, Caroline Sears, sits right of her friend, who is also her sister. You’re sure to enjoy her story below, honest and hope-filled.

Throughout my life I have struggled with perfectionism, people-pleasing, and control. I have always wanted people to view me as perfect and an expert in everything I do whether that is work, school, or just my personal life.

I struggle with the desire to be someone that everyone likes, admired, and looked up to. And I have always struggled with trying to control the things that are not in my control, but are up to God. 

Over the past several years, God has been revealing to me more and more every day about how he views me and about the Grace and Mercy he gives me on a daily basis.

Through time in the word, prayer, and community, God has been teaching me that I am not perfect and the desire to have the world view me as perfect is not healthy.

My desire has shifted to focus on how God views me instead of how the world views me. God has been teaching me to love and view others the way he loves and views them.

This has helped release some of my people pleasing tendencies because I have started to view myself in the way God views me. Finally, God has been teaching that He is in control and not me. This is very humbling because my pride often gets in the way of trusting God’s plan over mine. 

I love Hebrews 4:16 because it reminds me of who God is, how He comforts me in times of joy and in times of sorrow, and because it reminds me that God created me to be bold and confident in who I am and who He created me to be.