Welcome my friend of over a decade, Leslie Collier. She is the Founder of the Dallas-area interior design team, Post Interior Design, Ryan’s wife, mom of four kids, and a leader in her church. I hope you are inspired by her insights on body image and prayerful vision.

My relationship with my body has been a long and complicated journey. Body image issues do not discriminate. If I could have the body I had in high school, I may consider a trade of this 40-year-old version. But even then, I was extremely discontent.

Food and exercise became a mild obsession for me partway through high school and continued all through college. Being in a sorority didn’t help matters much, as it seemed every girl was experiencing their own version of “how to get skinnier.” Thankfully, my friendships became deeper along with my relationship with the Lord. Through maturity and faith, my own body image is not top-of-mind at this point in my life.

However, I have two daughters who are not shaped like me. They have their own unique bodies that bear little resemblance to my own. I feel myself taking on the body image burden for them even though they feel enough of it without my help. My prayer is that they will see themselves the way the Lord sees them — as perfect creations and vessels for His work. I want them to think more about how they can love others and know God than what size their jeans are.

I’ve discovered that more focus on others leads to less obsession with self. It’s taken me a long time to get there, but hopefully my journey can inform theirs a little better and make the road less bumpy along the way.