My story.

Hi, I’m Juleeta. I love Jesus, my family of seven, my girlfriends, riding horses, hiking mountains, and dancing to any and all kinds of music. In college, my life changed forever when God placed me in a dormitory hallway with a diverse group of believing young women who loved Jesus. They invited me to join them for a Thursday night campus ministry event, and in a matter of weeks, I realized my desperate need for Jesus. After committing my life to Christ, I started the hard work of healing from an area of my life I had kept secret for years — my eating disorders. 

My relationship with Jesus put me on a path toward healing from body image related disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and body dysmorphia.

Now, I serve girls of all ages by sharing what I’ve learned about healthy body image. I’ve spent years speaking with counselors, dieticians, and small groups about how girls are capable of loving their God-gifted bodies. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you as we forge forward together as part of the Body Truth Community!

The Full Story

As I said before, I can’t remember a time when my family’s women weren’t talking about trying to lose weight. In my teen years, I fought insecurity and fear of rejection. I navigated death and divorce and addiction, and the chaos left me feeling out of control. But I did find one thing I could control — my weight. For years, I controlled my food intake and my exercise, all in the name of “being healthy.” In high school and into college, I struggled with eating disorders — bulimia, anorexia, and body dysmorphia. Fortunately, at UT Austin, God placed me in a dormitory hallway with believing young women who lived lives that emanated Jesus. I started the hard work of healing from my eating disorders then.

Five years ago, I started Recovery for Life and realized that I was missing something in my walk with God — complete honesty.

I had held onto many of my unhealthy beliefs about my body because I thought since I wasn’t throwing up in the bathroom or starving myself that I was “fine.” Going beyond the surface in Recovery helped me see that I did not see my body as a gift. For decades, I had failed to see that loving my God-gifted body was a crucial part of living generously loved by God — unburdened by shame and free to live unabashedly.

While attending Recovery groups and weekly meetings, I began writing to process my pain and my admittance — I needed more help. And I started seeing it around me everywhere. Women were struggling with the same toxic thoughts about body image I was. And many of them were concerned for their daughters, that they too would struggle with body shame and body image related thoughts that could lead to mental illnesses, especially in the form of eating disorders.

It was then I began writing online about healthy body image from a Biblical perspective. Too few Biblically founded resources exist. In the last few years, I’ve realized that young women need more truth-founded resources as they craft their own body image beliefs.

I believe we need to start teaching young women, as early as pre-teens and teenagers, about the beauty that resides in their God-gifted bodies. The younger they can start believing the truth about how they are made, the more equipped they’ll be to fight against body image lies.

Now, I write from the comfort of my home in Dallas, TX. My husband, Dave, and I have five sons, and we spend most of our free time hiking the outdoors and fishing at my parents’ ranch in Seguin, TX. When I’m not reading or writing, you’ll likely find me cooking while singing along with my Lyle Lovett Pandora station. My prized possessions include my tan Lucchese cowboy boots, my mod turquoise earrings, & my Bible — marked up, dog-eared, and ready for battle.


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