A capable woman, Lauren Daigle communicates her dependence on a 100% Capable God.

In her interview with All Access, Lauren Daigle speaks about one of the most significant lessons she has learned from reading God’s Word. Referring to the book of Daniel, she states, “It is teaching me how to lead others from a place of security and what God is capable of rather than earthly circumstances.”

Ms. Daigle has had many opportunities to trust and see that God is capable of beautiful work when circumstances speak defeat.

At 15, she fought a debilitating illness that kept her out of school for two years. When she was well enough to attend college, she sang with her school choir, but faced heartbreaking discouragement after being cut from the 2010 competition, American Idol. Afterward, Ms. Daigle continued to pursue her dream of singing, but she hustled to pay her bills — waiting tables and cleaning houses. She recalls, “I used to scrub toilets in exchange for singing lessons.”

Despite a number of disappointments, Lauren Daigle continued to believe she was capable. More important, she continued to experience how God was capable of leading her.

In 2013, the lead singer of the group she sang back up vocals for was rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Can you guess what happened?

Lauren Daigle stepped up — probably nervous and excited, but nonetheless capable. She sang the lead for her band, performing for Centricity Music executives. They were floored by her performance. And the rest is history.

Today, we stand in awe with Lauren Daigle, praising Our Maker, “How Can It Be?” We passionately sing of our identity in Christ along with her, belting out, “You Say.”

We get to join alongside her because she did not believe her circumstances defined how God might use her. She believed she was capable. She believed God was (and is) Capable.

Look at your goals. These are things you hope to accomplish, but you might be wondering….Am I really capable?

Know this. Satan will whisper to you that the work of your hands is not any good. He will tell you that anything less than 100% perfection is failure.

When you sit down at the piano bench and begin playing the recital piece you’ve practiced for three months, your heart might be pounding against your chest. A few notes in, your fingers may even fumble on the ivory keys.

You will be tempted to believe that you are failing. In those moments of feeling like you are not capable, you get to choose whose voice to hear.

You can stare down at your stretched out hands and condemn them. You can choose to listen to the Father of Lies, Satan himself. He might say something like, “I don’t even know why you’re trying this. You’re stupid.”

Or you can pull your fingers into a first as you breathe deep, rotate your wrists, and shake out those beautiful hands of yours. And then you can start over.

Try again, Jesus whispers.  Draw near to Me. I am with you, always.

Remember that sometimes, although your body may seem to fail you, God is in the business of restoring you. He may even surprise you by not giving you what you ask for and, instead, giving you something better.

When my own hands have fumbled, when my own body has failed to complete the run or get all the things done in this crazy house of mine, I have had to come back to trusting My Savior and remember this.

It was ONLY God that was ever capable of finishing the good work I thought I was in charge of.

I wonder if He has ever spoken something similar to you.

Young women, join me in believing we are capable of fulfilling the stirrings God places in our hearts as we completely depend on Jesus to lead us. Read Proverbs 31:31, and ask the Holy Spirit to speak truth over you: “Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her work praise her in the gates.”