This image invites sunset to highlight friendship and unity. Taken by Noorul Abdeen @unsplash.

“Red Rover, Red Rover, let Ruthie come over!” your team yells in unison. Half a second later, here comes Ruthie.

She is running with that fierce look in her eyes, her arms pumping fast, as she makes her way toward you and your Red Rover neighbor. The two of you are each other’s only defense.

One of two things is about to happen. Either you and your friend’s hands will stay locked, your arms stiffened with strength, and Ruthie will not break your barrier.Or one of you will exhaust your grip strength, your hands sweaty and tired, and Ruthie will break through to the other side. You will lose your footing and your body will give way.

Messages about your identity, specifically what you believe about your God-given body, are running toward you everyday. Most of the hurtful, negative messages are based on lies.

Hold hands with people who believe God’s truth about you! Keep them close. When twisted and tricky messages threaten to weaken you, “your people” will help you stand. At the very least, they will not let you fall alone.