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This space hosts a community of girls who, like you, want to believe God’s truth about their beautiful bodies. Each weekday, you’ll see encouraging posts & Juleeta’s 1-minute Story. On Fridays, you’ll get to meet women of all ages and walks of life, sharing their thoughts in our BTC Stories.

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Replace the body image lies you have believed with God’s truth. Connect with us at www.bodytruth.org and @body_truth on IG so that we can provide you with a Biblical perspective about how God desires you to see your female body — unique and wonderfully made.

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The Podcast

Episode 1:

Episode 1:

https://anchor.fm/bodytruth Welcome to our very first episode of the Body Truth Podcast! I'm...

Friday Stories 

Designed to be Unique

Designed to be Unique

I'm excited to introduce you to Jasmin White, recent Texas State grad and now New Yorker! She...

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Telling the Truth

Telling the Truth

Photo Cred: Lesly Juarez @unsplash I laugh at the most inappropriate times. Sure, I laugh when...

What Girls are Saying

“I have struggled to love my body for how God made it and have constantly wanted to change myself to fit into what society says a “good” body looks like. But Body Truth provides me with truth about how we can be thankful for all that our incredible bodies can do. Having Body Truth in my IG feed empowers me with messages that help me stop comparing myself with girls who look different than me and, instead, to appreciate my body.”

– Alexis, 16

“Truth. Truth. Truth. The creative, relevant, and honest stories shared by the contributors at Body Truth have encouraged me to relish in the comforting love of Jesus. For years I have wrestled in my own mind about my “image.” But I feel hope and joy when I read stories that courageously share God’s beautiful work in our hearts, minds, and bodies.”

– Kris, Mom of 3

I feel better being a part of the Body Truth community by knowing that we are bridging the gap between secular body image resources and a Biblical worldview of this topic. It's so empowering to be able to equip the next generation with tools for reclaiming their worth from a number on the scale and finding true identity in Christ.”

– Kristin Williams, RDN, LD, CEDRD 

Our mission is to empower you!

We utilize Scripture as the foundation for equipping young women to believe their bodies are worthy of love and instrumental in impacting positive change in the world.

5 Things My Beautiful Body Needs

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