Welcome Kassidy Warnol: Daughter, Friend, Student, Navarro College Cheerleader. Yes, you read correctly. Her squad has been everywhere lately : @netflix, @thetodayshow, @theellenshow. I’m thankful you get to hear from Kassidy, today. She is personable, honest, & prayerful.

“Hello, my name is Kassidy Warnol, and as a college cheerleader body image has never been easy for me. God is teaching me that, through His truth, I am so much more than the negative thoughts I tell myself.

I have health complications that make losing weight basically impossible, but I am so thankful for that. Because through this hard season I am learning to focus on how I feel and focus on being still with God, not basing my feelings on how I look.

I needed this hard season to slow down and see that God created me for a purpose and my body is a gift from him to fulfill that purpose. I constantly remind myself that people will remember someone based on their heart and impact, not on how one looks.

So everyday I strive to have a heart that follows Jesus, and I pray for my life to be following God’s purpose for me.

Our bodies are a gift to help fulfill our purpose here on earth, and those negative thoughts are only going to get in the way.

Filling your day with His Word and His Truth are going to fill your mind with positive thoughts about yourself. And those truthful, positive thoughts help flush out the negative ones.”