Recent Baylor graduate, Dallas based grad student, and full time student ministry assistant at Northwest Bible Church, Kennedy Moore is filled with passion to pursue Jesus. I’m thankful for her message here.

God continues to reveal Himself as I press into His truths about who I am in Him. Genesis echoes the promise that I am made in the image of Christ. How cool is it that I am a mirror of Christ’s boldness, gentleness, love, and grace?

Although these are words that describe my inmost being, my body is made by the greatest artist I can think of — God. I was formed knowing this image of Christ would resound in the way I exercise, what foods I choose to eat, and how I view my body as a temple.

Now, I have not always had this view. 

I have struggled with needing affirmation since I was in middle school. I would seek my identity in what the world said was culturally beautiful. I would ignore 1 Peter 3:3-4 and dismiss the idea that I was made to glorify a Holy God.

But I’m thinking differently these days. And I’m curious if you’ll think through these questions with me. Would you walk past a beautiful painting and tell the artist that He made a mistake?

How are you treating your body as a masterpiece?

How are you treating your temple?

I encourage you to begin, if you are not already, thinking of your body as this — a holy and righteous place.