James Pond @unsplash nailed this photo. Crushing the Lego Enemy!

Have you ever looked at a magazine cover, and suddenly you felt not thin enough? Not curvy enough? Like your hair wasn’t thick enough or the right color?

Does that magazine model look “just so perfect” that it makes you second guess your beauty?

Well, that’s exactly what the magazine cover is supposed to do. The words and images work together to convince you: Buy this magazine, you will FINALLY know the secrets to becoming beautiful.

Satan attempts to scheme in these moments. He whispers to you, You need this magazine. Or this hair product. And these shoes.
Methodeias is the Greek word Paul uses for “schemes” in Ephesians 6:10- Methodeias refers to a large scale, systematic plan. A project. A game-plan.

His schemes are organized, and they feed on our insecurities.

But if you know that Satan is scheming when that insecurity starts to rise up in you, you can identify what is happening. You have a good chance at STANDING against the schemes of the devil if you can understand how he deceives.

And as you choose to stand against the schemes of the devil, remember there are thousands of companies that sell “beauty,” and they want your attention. They may lower themselves to the kind of scheming that convinces you that you are in need of their product.

But you know the truth, don’t you? In that still, quiet place, you know what you need.

To open you heart and accept and know and sit in the love of Jesus.

He is your defender and will help you stand against the schemes of the devil.He loves you and wants your good, exactly as you are.