Seeing Beauty:

Inviting Every Girl to See Her Body in the Light of Love

This may be just what you’re looking for to help begin compassionate conversations about body image with your small group, gathering of moms and daughters, or service organization.

The gorgeous, full-color workbook spans 4 weeks, and all of the discussion is live. Your purchase includes the Leader Guide and the password for each week’s Video Introductions. Access them FREE below. 

And finally, there’s no homework. Isn’t that the best?

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Introduction Video

Video Sessions 1-4

More Resources

We Love

These are some of our fave go-to resources for Body Truth. We hope they help you as you have healthy body image conversations in your schools, homes, & communties.

The Bible

We utilize many translations, especially the ESV and The Message. This is Juleeta’s personal Bible, which explains why the front cover is a little battle-worn. We use this resource everyday.

Brio Magazine

Brio Magazine‘s goal is to “encourage you to own your faith, be confident in your body, and [help you] discover who you are as a child of God.” Juleeta subscribes to Brio because their writers don’t shy away from the hard topics that young women want and need to explore. 

Write the Word: The Cultivate Series

This journal invites you to do just what the title speaks: Write down God’s Word. Alongside each verse, you have space to write down your own thoughts, prayers, and any ideas God gives you as you pen words across the beautiful pages. Juleeta just gifted these to her BTC Board, and the girls have LOVED them!


Lisa Damour, the author of Untangled, is the director of the renowned Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls, and her insight is impeccable. Whether you’re a parent or a young woman wanting to understand more about teen development, you’ll appreciate Lisa’s intelligent and down-to-earth voice. 

Unworthy Weight

Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietician Krisitin Williams invites readers to challenge the lies of diet culture in Unworthy Weight. If you struggle with the number on the scale in ways you wish you didn’t, this book will help you. Each chapter aims to “discover what God’s Word has to say about [your] body and food.”

Rumors of Water

This book is for writers of all kinds — the creative writer, the novelist, the poet, even the “I’m not really a writer-” writer. Barkat’s voice will lull you to dream of the words your pen was called to script. She is one of my dearest creative muses.

Brave Girl Eating

If you’ve struggled with anorexia or you know someone who has, this book will feel a little like a friend. Harriet Brown serves as “a guiding light for anyone touched by this devastating disease.” I highlight and reread and reference this book often; it stays out on the writing desk and rarely makes it back to the bookshelf. 

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