Reading Audrey Wedemeyer’s words this week has furthered my desire to draw near to my Creator. I’m grateful for her passion and honesty.

Being a freshman in college and constantly being surrounded by girls means that I am continually reminded by society that I have flaws and that I am not enough.

Social media has created images in our minds and a standard of what our world labels “perfect.” Although this thought is in the back of my mind frequently, I am so encouraged knowing that the true standard of all things is God’s Word.

Our primary identity first and foremost comes from the image of God. I have learned that as I press into, and follow Jesus Christ, the more I begin to look like him through my words and actions.

The verse that comes to mind is Genesis 1:27; it says, “God created human beings. He created them Godlike, reflecting God’s nature”.

As social media has become a huge aspect in our daily lives, it has become so easy to enviously or pridefully compare and judge yourself and others based on other girls appearances and talents . But how cool is it that God’s true standard shatters the false standard, giving us a right perception of ourselves?

This past semester I have really been able to cling to that truth, that I was created in God’s image and that this body is not my own, but a gift that the Lord has given to me.

I hope and pray that every girl, no matter their age can one day look in the mirror and know that they are seeing God’s masterpiece.

Knowing that God created each one of us with a purpose is so special and so fulfilling. We were created to know him and make him known! I hope every girl who reads this strives to love their bodies and most of all, love their creator!