How we see our bodies is a spiritual issue. It’s time we start talking about how unhealthy body image has been impacting girls for generations.

“I struggled with negative body image as a teenager, and today I realized, I’m still struggling. I’m glad you talked about all the different ways we can get help.”


Invite Juleeta to Speak

Juleeta speaks to small and large groups, including women’s events, teen conferences, and school and church gatherings. She brings a combination of humor, authenticity, and love for good storytelling to each meeting. Here’s what Juleeta is working on for 2021.

Speaking Topics:

    • Battling Body Image Lies & Why We Need an ALLY: Advocate, Listen, Learn, and tell Your story
    • What the Pros Are Selling Our Girls: Which Products, Programs, & Procedures Can We Trust? 
    • Mini-Skirts & Midriffs: What Does Modern Modesty Look Like?
    • Heal Our Hearts: An Interactive Journaling Workshop for Helping Us Process Body Shame


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    Our mission is to empower you!

    We utilize Scripture as the foundation for equipping young women to believe their bodies are worthy of love and instrumental in impacting positive change in the world.

    5 Things My Beautiful Body Needs

    Check out these steps to caring for your beautiful, God-gifted body.

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