Photo provided by photographer, Danielle MacInnes. Her images are beautiful.

When it comes to your body, who is making the decisions?

Who is protecting you?  Who is fighting for you? Who is teaching you how to care for the God-given body you find yourself in today?

Maybe it’s just you.  You might be feeling alone as you look in the mirror and wonder:

  • How am I going to make choices that protect my body from harm?
  • What if I’m not strong enough to get out of a situation where I feel powerless?
  • Will there be at time when I know the difference between a “joke” made about my body vs. a disrespectful comment that hurts to the core?

And maybe, it’s not just you — protecting, fighting, learning, and teaching. You might have a huge support group around you, encouraging you to believe Godly truth about your lovely body.  You might be one of those girls who has a daddy who tells her she’s gorgeous and friends who encourage without jealousy.

Whether you feel alone, supported, or somewhere in between, you can trust the voices that you hear at Body Truth Collective.  You will be told today and tomorrow (and you may whisper behind your back to the girl you were yesterday) that beauty is in your reach. Beauty is in your reach because it is already a part of who you are.

But you will have to be a little bit brave to hear the truth.


Let’s imagine that your already are brave. And strong. And worth the work of believing you are beautiful.

Try saying this with me.

I am brave to admit that my negative thoughts about my body cause me pain that the Lord wants to comfort.

I am strong for wanting to lift and discard the burden of  MEASURING.  I dare to see myself anew.  My weight and size are details, not the unfixed variables in an equation that determine my value and worth.

I am worth the work that’s required to believe the truth.  My Creator, the God of the Universe, formed me uniquely and lovely.

I am the light of the world.

Keep repeating those sweet words. Allow yourself to be encouraged.

It’s okay to need a little help believing the truth about who you are. You’re not alone. We are with you.

Let’s begin on the journey together.  And feel free to bring your friends along.  There is plenty of space for all of us.