I’ve been looking forward to introducing Amanda here! We made a quick friendship, speaking alongside each other at the In His Image conference, last September. You are sure to appreciate her wisdom & insight.

“In my private practice, I offer hiking and walking sessions for clients if it’s appropriate to their goals. As a result of movement, I’m intimately aware of and grateful for the function of my body.

It allows me to see, hear, smell and feel. It carries me through beautiful places. It is strong and resilient.

It communicates when something is off or when it needs something, whether it be a new pair of shoes that support my activity, water to hydrate or food to refuel and keep me warm. It enables me to connect with family, friends, clients and the world around me.

I’m grateful for what my body allows me to do and for the way our brains and body work as a whole to have a better understanding of our experience. It takes on an even more significant level of meaning when I consider the verse in Genesis that tells us we are created in His image.

To me, all the subtle differences in design, in perception, in experience points to God’s goodness, complexity and beauty. His definition of good and His definition of beauty are far greater than ours and when I pause to reflect on that, it provides perspective. I’m reminded that we are good and beautiful because we are His!”