Nikki Giovanni’s poem asks the most important question we face today.

What will we do, girls? What new thing is God asking you to think about as you see people with renewed compassion and empathy?

Whatever path God paves for you to walk down so you can see ALL of God’s people with love, be brave as you move forward in your journey.

While you grow in courage, expect Satan to try to wedge his way into your heart. He wants you to feel fear about moving forward. He wants you to fear being uncomfortable.

Satan wants us to see our physical differences as threatening. He wants us to see skin pigment, gender differences, and even the contrast between youthful, supple faces and aging, wrinkling faces as dividers.

We all look so different on the outside, but on the inside, we all need one thing. We all need the one thing that propelled every step Jesus took as he drug the cross over his shoulder, against the resistance of the gravelly road that connected Golgotha to the Crucifixion.

We all need LOVE. We need His unifying love.

Join us this month in an exercise to practice seeing all people with love, especially when they look different than you. Psalm 27 will guide us.