How do you do something that’s never been done before?

Jackie Joyner-Kersey won three gold, one silver & two bronze medals over four consecutive Olympic games.

Sally Ride was the first American female in space.

Karla Susana Wheelock Aguayo was the first Mexican woman to successfully traverse the rugged terrain of Mt. Everest and reach its daunting summit.

Karnam Malleswari became India’s first woman to earn an Olympic medal. Her event? Weightlifting!!!

These women guide us in accomplishing what had never been done — before they came along. What do they all have in common?

They did not see their “weaknesses” as limiting. They did not see their female bodies as hindrances.

Being born in a female body did not deter them from dreaming they were capable of doing what had never been done before.

Today, I hope you’ll take a few seconds to catch a glimpse of your beautiful reflection. Speak to that girl looking back at you from your bathroom mirror and remind her she was created for such a time as this.

Tell her, “Today, my body is a vessel for accomplishing what has never done before.”

And then go do that thing. Give your brother an extra hug when he is ridiculously hard to love. Ask your mom how you can pray for her when her spirit is flailing from exhaustion. Encourage your friend with a few uplifting, life-giving words.

And don’t underestimate the goodness your body is capable of. Your beautiful God-gifted body bears the light of Jesus, in both the big achievements & the small, everyday accomplishments.

Join me as I pray and ask the LORD : Father, help us “seek Your face” as we love like the world has never seen before.