Welcome Alexis — a vibrant, honest, & loving young woman who happens to be serving on the Body Truth Advisory Board. What a sweet voice is hers! Enjoy today’s story.

Honestly, in terms of body image, I’m not doing so hot right now. And that’s okay! I am working through it.

Recently, I have found something to be very uplifting — God created us each with a unique purpose. The Good Lord gave us our bodiesx & He created these incredible vessels that allow us to fulfill our purpose.

Although I may not know exactly what my purpose is yet, I know that I was created to serve the Lord and love others. I can see myself as made in God’s Image through His love for me.

We were each created in His Image, yet we were each created uniquely with a slew of different purposes. It is hard for me to view myself as made in God’s Image because it is so difficult to imagine being made in the likeness of The Creator of the Universe!

But, it is soooo important that I learn to love myself as God loves me. And I must also give others the same respect and love that the Lord gives them. He made us each in His almighty image and therefore, we are wholly beautiful His eyes.