Welcome Lauren Kinney — a bold and vivacious young woman who also happens to be a student at Baylor University. Her book, Unshakable, releases on Amazon, May 26. Her post below shares a piece of her faith-filled journey.

“When I was in junior high, I started believing that I had to perform to be worth something. This mindset carried over through high school and into college. If I could just be better, do better, look better, I would finally feel worthy of affection and applause.

Here’s what I’ve realized the more I read God’s Word:

God didn’t give us flesh so that we could earn His applause. 

He gave us flesh so that we can serve. With our hands open and knees bent.

We submit our bodies to His will because He worth it. He is worth everything. 

My sister once told me, “God doesn’t compare. He just creates.”

We weren’t created to live in competition with the people around us. 

Today, it can be easy to listen to lies of the enemy. 

“You’re not good enough.”

“You can do better. 

“You can look better.”

“Try harder.”

The enemy battles hard for my heart just like he does for yours, and he won’t stop until we become convinced that God simply isn’t enough for us. 

First and foremost, we were created to love God and serve His people. 

You never had to impress Him. You’ve been worth something to Him all along. 

You were created to walk in His freedom.

Do you believe it?”

Lauren Kinney is an author and blogger based in Arlington, Texas. Her new book, Unshakeable: Overcoming Fear to Discover a Life of Freedom, releases on May 26th. Connect with her on Instagram @laurennkinney or at thelaurenkinney.com